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Imagine If You Could Implement Math Stations That Run Themselves

The Maximize Your Math Block monthly subscription was created specifically for you! It is a budget friendly, jam packed bundle, that will give you back instructional time and eliminate student interruptions at the small group table. 

Say goodbye forever to...

  • Spending way too long searching for math activities for your students to do independently.
  • Buying new stations and center activities every single week.
  • Losing valuable instructional time teaching your students to do new activities. 

Hey there! I'm Marcy.

I've been in your shoes. I remember feeling so overwhelmed with the constant need for more math activities my students could complete in stations while I worked with my small groups. 

But it doesn't have to be that way! I created Maximize Your Math Block to help teachers like you consistently provide high-quality, standards-based station activities without spending all your planning time searching for them!

This subscription is for you, friend!

Imagine what having Pre-Planned Math Stations could allow you to do... 

Could you spend more time on the nights and weekends with your family?

Could you have time to stop at Starbucks on your way to class feeling energized to start the day?!

Or maybe even finally take that long overdue NAP! 

Sound like a dream? I promise it's not!


Maximize Your Math Block is a monthly subscription to your favorite math station activities so you can eliminate the all day headache and make math block planning a breeze! 

Each month, you'll get instant access to a variety of standards-based center and station activities that you can use all year long. 

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Each Month in the Program you'll Experience:

Task Cards

You'll get task cards perfectly aligned to each month's skill focus.

Partner Games

2-3 partner games each month (depending on the specific skill).

QR Code Activity

One highly engaging QR activity your students will love.

Digital Activities

A Google Slides/SeeSaw compatible digital activity for each skill.

Boom Cards

One set of Boom Cards for students to practice the skill.

Problem Solving

You'll also get a problem solving activity every month.


An instructional video for EVERY activity!

These videos will show your students exactly how to complete each activity, so that you don't have to!


Maximize Your Math Block with ready-to-go stations at your fingertips every single month?

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Planning is as easy as...





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These math stations have been a life saver so far this year. The kids love them, they are easy to understand and use, and there's very little prep work!

- Melissa H

I am so pleased with this resource! It has made my math centers so easy to change in and out! Also saved me HOURS of prep! Thank you so much!

- Ashley P

Check out some of the Activities featured! 

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Maximize Your Math Block

The Managing Math Stations Subscription for 2nd Grade Teachers.
Each month focuses on a specific Math skill, and for each one you'll get...

Monthly Payments


For 12 Months

  • 12-15 Games Each Month

  • Task Cards

  • QR Codes
  • Partner Games
  • Digital Resources Compatible with Google Slides and SeeSaw

  • Boom Decks

  • Problem Solving Practice

  • PLUS Teacher-Led Video Instructions for Every Student Activity


Get 2 Months Free


One-Time Payment (And Get 2 Months Free!)

  • 12-15 Games Each Month

  • Task Cards

  • QR Codes
  • Partner Games
  • Digital Resources Compatible with Google Slides and SeeSaw

  • Boom Decks

  • Problem Solving Practice

  • PLUS Teacher-Led Video Instructions for Every Student Activity

  • One-Time Payment Bonus: Get instant access to ALL the past months of Math Stations Activities!


Are you ready to ditch the endless search for high-quality math station activities?

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